27 August & 9 September 2017

On August 27th, Josje Hattink and Jerke Mulder will organize a workshop at Museum It Damshus about peat. Josje Hattink is currently an artist in residence at Kunsthuis SYB, working on a project about the cultural and geographical history of the peatlands around Beetsterzwaag. Part of this project is to build a tiny ‘peathouse’, based on the peat huts from the past. Together with children and adults from Beetsterzwaag and Nij Beets, Josje and Jerke want to complete this peathouse and give it a contemporary character. In the workshop we will make ornaments of peat, which will be installed later on the hut. The peathouse will then be burned on September 9, during local monument festival ‘Open Monumentenweekend Opsterland’. It will be a ritual to celebrate the history of the peatlands and the energy it has provided for the communities of Beetsterzwaag and Nij Beets.